Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rare diseases: Not getting enough attention

People that suffer rare diseases get a double whammy. First the doctors tends to diagnose the disease based on the evidence available, which turns out wrong. Then the patient will eventually find out that there is no approved medication available and that over the counter drugs or off-label usage are the only way to treat the condition.

Most of the rare diseases also happen to be genetic diseases. One example is mitochondrial deficiency disorder. With more and more pharmaceutical companies being run by financial and risk management folks, rare diseases are not going to get enough attention. The only attention comes from pure research as all of the rare diseases are wide open as to research options.

It would be nice to have a fraction of money go into improving circulation around the eyes rather then pouring billions into improving circulation in a particular male organ. But ofcourse that is not going to happen.

As the TV drug ads will tell you, almost all males need more blood in that particular organ. Much easier to sell fake drugs to cure fake conditions afflicting all, than making real drugs to cure real conditions affecting a few.

Please ask your doctor if xxx is right for you. Did you know that ads are not allowed for medicines?

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