Friday, September 19, 2008

Melamine, melamine everywhere...say bye bye to your kidney...

Thanks to China, pets all over the world got to eat Melamine. Now it is the time for human population. Expect these chinese babies to show up in orphanages soon, so have their kidneys checked if you are adopting from the Communist nation of China. You can be sure that the Chinese will unload these "damaged" human beings to other countries. Ofcourse you cannot have these tests done in China, so consult local doctors for precautions during the flight as it can be quite stressful on the damaged kidneys.

Apparently melamine mimics proteins in tests, so they add it to bypass FDA and other similar organizations. When it comes to food, the contamination dangers are very high. The more backward the country, the higher the probability of contamination. So beware of "high quality organic foods" from these countries.


LVK said...

What are the affect of melamine on kidneys?
Does dutch lady milk contain melamine?
I have drunk 1-3 cartons of dutch lady milk, is this enough to affect my kidneys?
Are the affects of melamine serious to young adults?
Is there anyway to get the melamine out of my kidneys?
Is there anyway to cure melamine poisoning?
Can you die from melamine poisoning?
What are the symptoms of melamine poisoning?
please reply soon.
Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

You will have to check with the manufacturer. The risks within US seem to be lesser compared to European countries.

Melamine affects kids more that adults. Here is a link