Friday, February 13, 2009

Legal decisions as a medical reference?..nah!!

If you are a smoker and die of lung cancer, good luck proving it. Big Daddy tobacco will throw the kitchen sink at you and eventually settle in a no fault fashion if the opposing party does not tire out. Which has in turn has created an entire breed of trial lawyers just designed for taking on Big Daddies.

Big Daddy government has just indicated that vaccines did not cause autism in three kids. But that conclusion was done with existing evidence. And as we know, as per existing legal evidence, lung cancer is not caused by smoking.

The "innocent until proven guilty" theory works well for the vaccine industry in these cases. As it does for innocent civilians and "hell yeah" guilty tobacco industry. So the burden of proof is on the scientific community to keep moving towards finding the cause.

I will get back to reading my copy of "To kill a mockingbird" now.

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