Sunday, March 23, 2008

Get involved in politics to keep it centered....

Ever wondered why politicians seem to be "in their own world" and not worried too much about their constituents? The answer lies in what is known as PAC or Political Action Committees. Organizations and "concerned individuals" form these groups and create tons of financing for the candidates. This is really easy money in exchange for some not so obvious favors down the line. Since money equates to getting elected, politicians can get reelected just by listening to a few PAC and they can send people complaints straight to the shredder. For example, recently reelected Dennis Kucinich gets elected in Cleveland mostly from money out of California donors, so his lack of concern for Cleveland and his wierd global agenda is totally understandable. (or maybe it's his hippie wife)

That does not mean that people are saints either. They tend to get out their check only for people that share their point of hatred, not their point of view. A case in point is Mr.King from Western Iowa, who is elected with more public money, but has some real extreme viewpoints about people that do not share similar traits with him. The biography does not do him justice; he will rant and rave about "immigrants" and non-English speaking foreigners at every available opportunity.

So it seems that politicians can get their money only in two ways; get it quietly from an organizational PAC, or indulge in hate mongering and get money from people and ideological PACs that share similar hateful points of view. Ideological PACs are especially troublesome for rare disease families as they intrude into treatment options available in the name of personal and moral ethics. Politicians gladly fuel the flames as the money starts pouring in. They do not have to think much in this regard, they just follow the money trial. Pure genetic diseases tend to have a genetic cure; ideological PACs get into the act and block out many potential advances. Fortunately, South Koreans are catching on and progressing the necessary research.

Find out how your area politician get his election money by going to the "Home" tab after clicking the link below. Find out if he or she is a corporate puppy or a "hater" or a PAC money free real politician. And take a pledge yourself, even if you do not mind a corporate puppy or a hater. You make the choice.

Change Congress

Politics tend to play out on the edges and it is difficult to get it to center without active involvement by citizens of that particular country.

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