Friday, March 7, 2008

How to avoid autism?

Here is the link to an article where the government conceded a "vaccine injury" and will compensate the parents. The mother was a nurse and a lawyer, so this was a unique combination that helped document evidence and win the case. Other autism parents may not be as fortunate, even if they know the link for sure in their hearts.

Since 1 in 150 industrialized nation babies have an autism spectrum disorder, it pays to be paranoid and take precautions. Taking conscientious care and providing for the education of an autistic child runs into tens of thousand of dollars a year, so the paranoia is justified on the economic front alone. Morally, it is not your fault and it is not your genes; it is the industrialized, chemical nations we live in. Here are some condensed precautions from all the blogs and news articles out there. You cannot wait for scientific proof; there are no visible signs of autism onset and that emboldens people that deny the link.

1. Avoid vaccines AT ALL COSTS during pregnancy. All vaccines have legal disclaimers against pregnant women injections. Go ahead and believe them. If the fine print has the word, "pregnant woman", do not take the medication.
2. Mercury in Vaccines were removed "officially" in 2001. But the inventory is still floating around and causes CDC folks to be real defensive answering questions about vaccines. Ask, ask, ask details about the vaccine. Some states such as California have mandates against this. The vaccines merely get dumped in the other states or countries.
3. Do not take flu vaccines while pregnant. They officially contain mercury right now. Plus it has "pregnant women" in fine print.
4. Be very paranoid while vaccinating kids. Space out the vaccines one at a time, even if it means increased copay and annoyed doctors and nurses. (Link to an image containing an alternate vaccination schedule. Notice the jamming of vaccines at the 2-6 month stage in the original schedule) It's not their kid anyway. Autism is essentially a phenomenon in which the brain goes into a state of shock and awe, akin to being chased by lions (or pick whatever scares you; many of them. Can you think of anything else? You just "experienced" autism). The brain is totally focused on the "danger" and not aware of anything else. Putting in multiple mercury filled vaccines seems to convince the brain that the end is near. It goes into survival mode as a result, as it thinks that normal social intelligence is an unnecessary thing to be doing at that point in time. The brain itself gets injured and abused during vaccinations and acts so as to "protect the life in us".
5. Join associations that oppose mercury in vaccines. Mercury is dangerous in tuna and broken eco friendly mercury bulbs. It is much more potent and lethal in vaccines and flu vaccines. Maybe future generations will bear the fruits of your labor. Vaccines are a national security interest item; expect government spin that you are being too paranoid. (Note how they say "almost all vaccines"; those mean little federal corporate ladder climbers!)
6. Do not introduce mercury into your house. Say bye bye to your beloved eco friendly mercury lamps and to mercury thermometers. Take them to the eco hazard dump site, their rightful place.
7. Do not come into physical contact with liquid cloth detergents and other detergents. These are monster chemicals. When pregnant, pass the chore to non pregnant folks.
8. Read the fine print on any medication. A yeast infection after 4 weeks of the last period can mean that you are pregnant too. Take the pregnancy test before you reach for powerful and dangerous yeast killing chemicals.
9. Do your research even if your doctor is an expert. They follow procedures; you want to reduce the chances of a baby with autism disorders. The agendas are not necessarily aligned.
10. There are a lot of medications that have warnings for breatfeeding moms. These have to be taken seriously. A pregnant/nursing mom has to essentially turn into a "fine print" reader, so keep your reading glasses handy.
11. Added by viewer feedback: Breastfeed your baby as long as you can. Whey proteins in a tin can transported in hot stuffy trucks can wait till your child hits his or her teens, and wants to endure sports activities. Breast milk's physical properties and the psychological aspects of breast feeding hold off many disorders. So keep it going as long as you can. Keep breast feeding even after the infant goes on formulas. Work and careers are not valid excuses; breast pumps are available.
12. If your doctor advices bed rest to avoid having a pre-term labor, take the advice very seriously. Preterm babies have higher probability of Autism Spectrum disorders. Take Family Medical Leave right away and hit the bed. And do not try to squeeze in chores that require driving while you are on bed rest. That is the whole point of bed rest.
13. A male precaution: Make sure that fresh sperm gets used for potential baby making activities. Research indicates that old sperm tends to repair itself and that translates to missing or incorrect genetic material along the DNA strand of your child. Hint: Older than a day is old. Similar stuff happens with maternal eggs and they can do nothing about it, but the male can.

Autism was great for humankind in a world where they became dinners for lions and hyenas and the brain was freelancing in a hopeless situation from a survival standpoint. Unfortunately, modern chemicals, preservatives and toxins trigger the same reaction in young kids and damage them for life.

So there it is. These precautions are worth taking for avoiding autism and other disorders in your future bundle of joy. There are other ideas out there, but they are too radical to fit into normal lives; this list seems to be the most sensible.


Anonymous said...

This article is insane.
Your right,there is no scientific
proof about vaccines.So let's live in a world of paranoia.This is the kind of junk science that seems to be running rampid on the web.
Also, how dare you or anyone claim to know what it is like to be autisic.(like being scared by a lion)
Where on earth was that info dug up?
My son is autisic and my wife lead a clean and uneventful pregnancy.
As well as many other women we know with autisic children.
Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. My point is that the modern world we live in seems to increase the probability of autism. In the absence of modern world chemicals, I believe we would have had less autism cases. Here is a link to an NIH article:

A totally unrelated way of looking at Autism is the presented in the book "Freakonomics". It explains how people make extremely poor decisions when under extreme stress.

TAN said...

dear anonymous,

I am here to tell you that you are the one that should be ashamed. people like you, who are so caught up in themselves and dont take the time to actually research and do a little trial and error for the sake of your child, really are the ones that dont know what it is like for these gifted little angels to have autisim. How dare you post a critical comment on such a topic and yet obviously so uneducated. I am a mother of 5, and my youngest little fellow has autisim. I live the life everyday just like you and your family. But i have taken the time to make changes, research and treat my son with biochemical intervention and pay for more extensive testing, like hair analayses faeces and urine testing and bloods. We changed our son's diet and we hsve gone from having a full blown autistic child to a very mild autisic child, and that is just with biochemical treatment, supplements, diet, chemical free and vaccine free living. He is only 2yrs old we have no other therepies in place and we have seen so much improvement. Mercury and heavy metal overload is very real in autistic children and if you really wanted to make chances for your child then maybe you should take down the barriers you have up and open your eyes. because my little man is living proof of all of that so called JUNK you think is on the net, and he is well and truly a beautiful angel that is well on the way to being a normal toddler... Please take the chip off your shoulder and take the time to actually read up on the new interventions that are in place. your childs brain is starving, that is what autisim is, and you can change that.

Anonymous said...

What more proof do we need for taking extra precautions on our childrens lives, other than the fact that autism & other disorders are rising rapidly. If anyone should be ashamed, it's those that don't take that extra step and brush off something that may or may not be the possible cause. Kids deserve a chance. I say we have no reason to be ashamed by questioning medical concerns, etc. Seriously. One size does NOT fit all.

Anonymous said...

Why have you gone off at a tangent about who should be ashamed of what? ...Look at the facts. As Industrialised, chemically changed food has increased, so too has the rate of mental illness. More particular to this discussion, autism has gone from affecting one in 10,000 to one in 150 in the same decade that has seen the promotion of more vaccines, given at closer intervals to younger infants. The human body is not equipped to handle the increasing amounts of un-natural entities we now impose on ourselves and our children. The link is as plain as the nose on your face... yet still, so many people insist that only clinical evidence will sway their thinking... But who is going to pay for such research... The vaccine makers. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

As a scientist, it's quite laughable to read this. Total garbage.

This is why "the field" considers there to be a rise in autism.

1. The diagnosis for autism has become much broader... i.e. those with the same symptoms 20 years ago would not have been classified as austistic.
2. More people are taking their children to the doctor and looking for an explanation of why their child is behaving a certain way. This was socially unacceptable 20+ years ago. But yes, that would cause there to appear to be more children with autistic tendencies than years prior.

It seems as though it's a book keeping issue more than an actual change in occurrence levels.

There is NO evidence it is caused by vaccines or mercury.
1. People consume more mercury in a couple pieces of fish than EVER were incorporated into vaccines.
2. Mercury has been removed from all vaccines currently on the US market.
3. An example that has been used in research on the link of whether vaccines cause autism: A mother gives birth to a normal child, vaccinates the child, and the child develops autism. With the second child, she had chosen NOT to vaccinate this child, and the child still developed the same symptoms.

Do more research. But PLEASE don't people not to get vaccinated.

Terri Lewis said...

You're basically right. And I would know. If you save even one child from the misery of autism, you've done a great thing.

And yes, it can be healed and sometimes cured (like cancer) but it's worse than most people imagine to see your child suffer with the brain damage, immune system damage, central nervous system gone haywire, gut damage (in many, but not all cases), loss of fine and gross motor skills, in addition to the commonly "known" symptoms of failure to develop socially, etc.

Good luck to you, because you're right.

Alicia M Prater said...

"Autism was great for humankind in a world where they became dinners for lions and hyenas and the brain was freelancing in a hopeless situation from a survival standpoint."

Where is the factual, evidence-based support for this?

There is a lot of misinformation in this post, which was obviously written by someone who does not know how vaccines work. Autism research has been set back by such a brazen inability to grasp basic immunological concepts.

If you want to help children and adults with autism, concentrate on promoting scientifically sound research rather than conspiracy theories that accuse everyone from the family doctor to the researcher working 80 hour weeks to find a cure of being evil beings trying to destroy the youth of the world.

Oh and btw, you should read all the fineprint and not just scan it for key words. What they say about pregnant women is more important and notable than simply mentioning the subgroup.

Montana said...

Thank you for sharing this helpful information. I will definitely tweet this article.

My Autism Recovery

ron meiners said...

Really great article, and thanks.

What amazes me are all these claims that there are no studies indicating a possible connection, when you don't have to look far to find all sorts of international consensus indicating the potential role of environmental toxins, and vaccines. More research is needed, clearly, but this is really good basic advice IMHO.

Anonymous said...

My point #4 was controversial. But I stuck to my layman's research on the issue. Here is a method that goes after curing exactly that. Hopefully that proves the link back to vaccinations and also cures autism symptoms down the line.