Friday, April 25, 2008

Genetic discrimination for insurance banned in US...

There is now a bill officially banning genetic discrimination. But insurance carriers and their legal teams have long found a way around this by claiming that you already have the illness. So it is still a good idea not to share any genetic testing results with insurance carriers whenever possible. This is especially true during the times when you are applying for insurance.

One of the things you have to be careful about in these cases is over the counter medications that you might be taking to offset the effect of any future genetic illness. Make sure that this information is not entered into any doctor's record. Talk to the doctor if you wish, but make it absolutely clear to the doctor that the over the counter medication cannot be documented in his records in any way. These OTC medications are one way insurance underwriters are sniffing out potential genetic issues. They will quote you exorbitant rates based on the vitamins or antioxidants you might be taking. There is no rule indicating that OTC drug information has to be available to insurers; make sure that it is not available to them.

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