Monday, April 14, 2008

Ideas to prevent infanticide and foeticide in India and China....

Spread the word and make sure that your voice is heard and these ideas are implemented.

- Free education for women upto college and even post graduate education in government run institutions (Similar plans are being implemented in many states in India)
- Indian and Chinese males should stand up to their own moms and dads when they start chirping about unwanted female children.
- Come down hard on eve teasing and harassment activities in states that practice infanticide. The harassment arises out of the same attitude that causes infanticide down the line. A few "good boys" will end up behind bars, but it will be a better lesson than reminding them that their sisters and mothers are women too. That carrot approach does not seem to be working well anyway.
- Create a feminine movement so that women feel a sisterhood towards each other and stand up for a woman in a neighboring house rather than turn a blind eye.
- Refuse marriage of women into households or be very careful of families that have only male children or a very high percentage of males. Chances are high that they did you know what. Again, a few innocents will be in needless trouble, but sometimes poisonous and normal snakes look alike and it is better to get out a stick and protect your own daughters and sisters.
- Do not provide any government incentives to families that have only males. Again the bad snake good snake logic applies. But that is OK. Consider it payback for all the dead female children.
- Provide extra incentives for families that have more than one girl child. This will help correct the gender balance in a few years.
- If you have a female child, rub it in other peoples faces by educating her and providing her the same opportunities as a male child. This is the one thing that makes female killing folks look foolish and dumb.
- Encourage marriage of males to educated women. A lot of mother-in-laws are scared of educated women as they cannot practice infanticide in those cases.

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