Friday, April 4, 2008

Rotavirus vaccine...cure deadlier than problem?...

Just another example of the crazy world of vaccines targeted toward young kids in the US. Rotavirus vaccines are being introduced now. It is accepted that Rotavirus does not cause deaths, only severe illness. However the vaccine itself seems to have rumblings of deadly or more severe complications.

The 120 or more dollars per vaccine out of US coffers, either government or parent, is a powerful lure for these drug companies, almost along the lines of Viagra. A vaccine in the third world country would give them pennies. But apply some lobbying grease into political parties and candidates and your child will have to take a newly formulated vaccine as a mandatory vaccine or else he will not be allowed to set foot in a school campus. Try doing that to workers coming in to this country, legal and illegal. In many ways, the US populace is a captive audience of big pharma, in the same way a US driving licence makes it easier for cops to ticket you and pull up your driving records. Both big pharma and the cops know that the dollars will eventually show up, thanks to your US "privileges".

Expect this vaccine to show up in the mandatory list for your kid soon.

An interesting point though. Pediatricians and doctors hate vaccinations as insurance stiffs them and does not pay much. So the pediatricians will try to stuff in as many vaccine injections as possible in a single visit. If your child is adopted from Russia, too bad. He might get ten or more vaccines on a single day. Do not allow that! It is a recipe for enormous danger and a very high probability of autism. Make sure that your busy peditrician does not recommend such a step. Work with them and the nurses and come up with a plan to space them out, whether they are oral or injection form.

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