Monday, April 14, 2008

Mitochondrial disorder, autism, vaccine tie up found....

Finally, we have some research which indicates that some of the kids who had an autism diagnosis were later on found to have a mitochondrial disorder too. This ties back to my article from a few days ago. Here is a real bad interpretation of the results; these kids can have other serious issues in addition to muscle weakness. Mitochondrial disorders are a beast in itself, so much so that the parent may not even be concerned about autism when dealing with mito complications.

Mitochondrial disorder is an asymmetric disease; it means that if you have the disorder in your muscles, it does not necessarily mean a disorder in the brain and vice versa. So unless you are performing brain biopsies or some similarly invasive procedure, there is no way to know if you will have a vaccine injury or not. Let us see what the scientific community comes up with to detect brain mitochondrial disorders. From what we have seen for mitochondrial disorders at this point in time, muscle is the only convenient place to check for the disorder and there are a lot of negative results even though other mitochondrial disorder markers are present.

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